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[PROD] Product Training Survey - Test1

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El equipo de Producto quiere conocer tu opinión.

Ayúdanos a seguir creciendo y mejorando la comunicación de nuestro Producto de tal manera que siga aportando valor y haciéndote tu día a día más fácil.

Would you recommend this training to other peers? Please rate on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is "Never" and 10 is "Of course!" *

How would you rate the quality overall training content?

Did the project meet your expectations and solve the clients' needs?

What have we not solved?

How would you rate the training's time, sequence and explanations seen in the training?

Were your questions solved during the training?

If no, is there something we can help you now?

Finalmente, ¿alguna sugerencia o recomendación general?.