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What is Beonprice?

A hotel's strategic revenue optimization solution.
We maximize hotel profitability by finding the best combination of consumer demand and hotel supply through patented SaaS Artificial Intelligence technology.
We help hotels generate more revenue and RevPAR and make better decisions.
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Beonprice Platform

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Beonprice develops the HQI

The only index in the hospitality market that measures the overall quality of a hotel to know the competitive position and price elasticity of demand in the market.

Our HQI ™ takes into account more than 350 objective quality features, such as location, hotel services and facilities, catering, hotel room size, etc., in addition to online reputation.                                                        
HQI  synthesizes customer booking behavior, while bearing in mind the quality expectation of the establishment before and after booking.

Explore Our Strengths

By revenue managers for revenue managers. Because we speak the same language.

  360º vision of your hotel 

A dashboard that quickly defines, prioritizes and controls the execution of strategic actions.

  Easy to use 

Our easy and intuitive design allows you to know at all times
the best price at which to market your rooms through the powerful algorithm that lets you view demand up to 360 days in advance and analyze all factors that influence the sale of your rooms. 

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  Real-time execution: scalable and flexible

Publish your rates in real time so that you don't have to worry about manually updating all room distribution portals.

  Data richness and granularity

Drill down to enhance the level of detail you want. A transparent tool that explains in detail where the data comes from and how to make the most of it.

   Stay market-focused 

Simulate other scenarios and check your hotel's profitability in everyday life situations to decide what suits you best at the click of a button after a quick and precise analysis.

  Customizable and flexible rules

Our solution adapts to your hotel's needs. Personalize key decisions for your business. Concentrate on what's important, while we take care of the rest.

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Explore the possibilities Beonprice can offer your business.
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The accuracy of the algorithm.
The excellent customer support.

It's always about you: the accuracy of the algorithm, the Big Data, the incredible algorithm calculations that need training, knowledge and committed support.

There is no point in improving business if we don’t help you.


We integrate very quickly.

Beonprice is integrated with the world's leading PMS, Channel Managers and CRS and the list is ever-growing. If yours isn't on the list, we’ll include it faster than you can imagine. 



Mentoring for revenue managers

We want to help you be a better professional and stay up to date with market trends. That's why you have the best training at your fingertips.


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